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New Sony Fan Canada Blog

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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My newest blog featuring all things SONY by BEE!

Published on: Sep 15, 2011 @ 17:49

1st POSTING – SONY’S new 4k Ultra projector 4x HD resolution. WOW!


VPL-VW1000ES – $25,000 – 4K projector.


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CAN WEST GLOBALAt the Goldeye’s baseball (Winnipeg’s Northern Leauge Baseball Team) I had the pleasure of bumping into¬†a Google Android Model. I also snapped a panoramic of the park which turned out nicely from a lower end digital camera(FUGIPIXS 14 Mega Pixel FINEPIX AV). To top it off the Goldeye’s won that night.



January 2011 – June 2011 –

Full Network access for photographers worldwide
–including: FB, Picasa, Youtube, Sony Network, All social networks!
PC & MAC connectivity to TECH story – to follow – simplicity – connectivity
Regular Rotating Guest Artist Showings – Both Traditional & Digital Arts
Full 3D Audio emulation – “Rainshowers at the gallery”
SURROUNDVision DEMOS – Syncs all monitors – render virtual environment
Digital Rip to Print System – Order prints, canvas and more from guest artists
QR Encoded EXPERIENCE cards – Replay your visit to the gallery from home
–Live Data Camera Timelapse encoded card
Family Memberships – Family Days at the gallery – Arcade Mode
Special Events & Private Bookings – Digital Photo receptions
New Technology releases and company demo days – TRADESHOW ANYDAY
Video Broadcast Events
Sign Up Classes – Film Review & Making Study – Photoshop Projects – Digital Photography
Animation & Short Film Festivals
Digital Photography Contests
Art Auctions
Live Fashion Shows Broadcasts
Locals Only – Headshots and Glamour
Special Interest Group Education Campaigns
Open Daily to students and teachers for scheduled tours
Proposed – 4 HD connected rooftop telescopes digitally connected to the SURROUNDV Vision Gallery System
— Large scale advanced sky reasearch – timelapse – group observations
On-site staff – more technology – film production and documentaries
Social Networking – Street Teams
Guest Speakers – Keynote Podcasting – Live Video Blogs
Catering and Beverages on main floor
Mic enabled for lectures, introductions and events, theatrical effects, thunder, rain, etc….

We offer in-house design for gallery promotions, and will be featuring collective ads in local papers, magazines, multiple publications, world arts review, and intensive social marketing technology driven campaigns.

Touchscreen Enabled Features:
–Google Art Project
–Adobe Digital Museum
–Microsoft Surface Globe
–Sony Motion Gesture Technology
–Full live HD camera access capture system – Photo Booths
–Augmented Reality Demo’s
–Live, Broadcast and virtual artists interaction – Artist Works – Audio & Video –Jukeboxbee
–Visitor location Map and input – Digital Guestbooks

Gallery for Kids and BIG Kids:
Colouring Sheets – Design your own applications, games and graphics
Digital Game Days – Where’s Wanda?
– HD Nature, Science and Learning
Microsoft Surface Globe
Live monitor Demo Drawing
Victoria Emerging Idea Groups
Arcade Mode
3D Model and Hologram creations
History of Art Studies
Technology Explanations, Limitations, Suggestions and beta testing
Company Sponsored Prizes, Giveaways and contests
Laser Toys and Novelties