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My newest blog featuring all things SONY by BEE!

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1st POSTING – SONY’S new 4k Ultra projector 4x HD resolution. WOW!


VPL-VW1000ES – $25,000 – 4K projector.


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CAN WEST GLOBALAt the Goldeye’s baseball (Winnipeg’s Northern Leauge Baseball Team) I had the pleasure of bumping into a Google Android Model. I also snapped a panoramic of the park which turned out nicely from a lower end digital camera(FUGIPIXS 14 Mega Pixel FINEPIX AV). To top it off the Goldeye’s won that night.


Tony the Tiger – Digital Painting

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Tony the Tiger is the advertising cartoon mascot for Kellogg‘s Frosted Flakes (also known as Frosties) breakfast cereal, appearing on its packaging and advertising. More recently, Tony has also become the mascot for Tony’s Cinnamon Krunchers and Tiger Power. Since his debut in the 1950s, the character has spanned several generations and become a breakfast cereal icon.

Tony began to be humanized in the 1970s; he was given an Italian-American nationality and consumers were briefly introduced to more of Tony’s family including Mama Tony, Mrs. Tony, and a daughter, Antoinette. Tony was a popular figure among the young Italian-American population and it showed in 1974, where he was deemed “Tiger of the Year” in an advertising theme taken from the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The advertising theme declared, “This is the Year of the Tiger and Tony is the Tiger of the Year.” Later that year, Tony graced the covers of Italian GQ and Panorama. In addition to Tony’s success, during this decade, son Tony Jr. was even given his own short-lived cereal in 1975, Frosted Rice. He would make a comeback in the 2000s by replacing his father as the official mascot.



  • Mama Tony (mother; 1970s)
  • Mrs. Tony (wife; 1970s)
  • Tony Jr. (son; 1950s – present)
  • Antoinette (daughter; 1970s)

    Not complete yet – Still have his Mama to add and his daughter Antoinette. I will upload the HD version when completed.

    Cereal Character - Tony the Tiger

The Art of Intelligence – Einstein

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This painting was done on a high definition HP tablet – 2400dpi – 10200 x 13200.

Photoshop CS5

Albert Einstein

The Art of Intelligence

VDAG-Phase One Tests

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